Functional Rehabilitation

Functional Rehabilitation

Functional Strength Rehab is an exercise program designed to help people recover from low back pain. We use every day movements such as getting out of a chair, picking objects up off the floor or lifting something up onto a shelf, teaching participants how to correctly activate their muscles to create stable joints. We then slowly and progressively load these movements to increase strength.

The goals of the program are simply to increase the quality and efficiency of the way people move, as well as increasing their strength by improving coordination and muscle hypertrophy.
The program is designed around the way the body moves, not around specific pathologies, thus it can be applied to a wide range of injuries as well as low back pain.

The focus early on is all about correct technique and the class is always monitored by a physiotherapist. As such, it is a very safe way to begin an exercise program and great for people who want to improve their fitness but have not exercised for a long time or for mothers who are commencing exercise again after giving birth.

The program can also be used as a stepping stone for those wanting to start a weights based gym program but are wanting to ensure that their technique and load management is correct.
When you begin, you will need to undergo a lower back and pelvic screen by one of our physiotherapists, to ensure that your lower back is 100% ready to get started.

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