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pain at front of knee

Pain at the Front of the Knee – Patellofemoral Pain

Patellofemoral pain (PFP) often presents as pain at the front of your knee. It is one of the more commonly occuring forms of knee pain that affecting adults, adolescents, and generally, physically active people. It was recently reported that 23% of the general population and 29% of adolescents will experience patellofemoral pain.

PFP can be a difficult condition to manage if left untreated and a recent study highlighted the importance of hip strengthening in rehabilitation. When compared to people without PFP, it was shown that patients with PFP had:

  • 15-25% reduced hip abduction and extension strength
  • No difference in muscle endurance
  • 29-31% reduced hip abduction and extension power

This highlights how hip strength and power must be addressed in order to effectively rehabilitate PFP and prevent a future recurrence. At Centre Sports and Spinal we will work with you to gain an accurate diagnosis, reduced your pain levels, return you to the activities that you love and provide thorough rehabilitation in order to minimise the likelihood of a recurrence of PFP.