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groin pain

Understanding Groin Pain

Groin pain

Pain emanating from your groin and hip area can often be difficult to locate and classify yourself. There are multiple structures crossing and converging at this anatomical site that can be irritated by a number of different causes. If you are experiencing groin pain it may become apparent with:

  • Standing from a low height such as a car seat
  • Ascending and descending stairs
  • Morning stiffness
  • Walking, jogging or sprinting.
  • Kicking
  • Changing direction

The first world conference on groin pain was held in 2014 to agree on standard terminology with accompanying definitions for groin pain.

 Following this conference groin pain was grouped in 3 major categories:

1. Defined clinical entities of groin pain

This group was further divided into 4 categories.

  • Adductor related.
  • Iliopsoas related.
  • Inguinal related.
  • Pubic related.

2. Hip-related groin pain

This may be due to hip pathologies such as labral tears, femoral acetabular impingement or osteoarthritis. A thorough history and assessment is required to determine the involvement of the hip joint in groin pain.

3. Other conditions causing groin pain

It is important to screen for other plausible causes such as rheumatological or urological. Your history will help you screen for this.

These classifications allow us to identify which group/s you are likely to come under. This subsequently will aid with specific management of your condition and best equip us to get your pain under control as soon as possible.