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5 Tests to Tell if you Need Some New Runners for Christmas

1. Stability test:

Put you shoe on a flat surface… see it wobble or lean to one side (especially at the back), it’s probably time for some new shoes. The instability could be indicative of the sole having been worn away which can hurt your ankles in the long run.

2. Bend test:

Bend your shoe length ways, it should fold under the ball of your foot. If it’s bending elsewhere or not at all then it’s probably time you invested in a new pair of runner.

3. Hole test:

The easiest test of them all! Is there a hole in your shoe? Time to get a new pair… simple as that

4. Crush test:

Have you been crushing the back of your shoe by not undoing the lashes and stomping on the back? Probably time to stop that and make sure you’re not ruining your shoes.

5. The “My shoes never last” Test:

If you think you are spending more money on your shoes than you should due to excessive wear, it’s time to get your shoes looked at by a professional.

The Physio’s at Centre Sports & Spinal can assess if your footwear is excessively worn and if this is occurring too quickly. They can answer your questions and provide custom footwear assessment and suggestions to get the best shoes for your feet.  Don’t let incorrect  footwear halt your running over the festive period!